Pastor Tim's Directory Picture

    Senior Pastor: Tim Hewitt

Pastor Tim has recently announced his retirement and the church has found his replacement. Upon Pastor Tim’s retirement in September, Curtis Rhoadarmer, former Youth Pastor, will be assuming the role of Senior Pastor at New Hope.  

Personal Testimony
I thank God that I was born into a Christian home and at the age of 8 accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  I was baptized on Easter Sunday evening, April 17th, 1960 at Eighth Avenue Baptist Church in Terre Haute, Indiana.  It was not until I was in my twenties that I really appreciated what it was that Jesus did for me.  I suppose, like most people who are saved at an early age, there was some confusion and perhaps a little apathy toward the things of God.  It was in a young marrieds Sunday School Class taught by our Pastor that I really came to grips with what it means to be saved.  Since that time, I have been very active in Church.  My wife and four children all profess salvation and have been scripturally baptized.

Call to the Ministry
It was during a missions conference at Heather Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN that I first entertained the thought that perhaps God was calling me to the ministry.  The missionary was preaching from Romans 10 and the words "and how shall they hear without a preacher" from verse 14 rang through my head, but I denied it for several years.  While I was teaching an adult Sunday School Class, I realized that the things that I did for the class gave me the greatest pleasure.  God had greatly blessed this ministry and had seen fit to use it to impact the whole Church in a very positive way.  I searched my heart and realized that this is what God would have me do.  It was in December of 1988 that I began training for this pursuit.  I completed my Seminary education at Grace Seminary in May, 1995.  I am committed to serve Him in full time ministry.

  Youth Pastor (Senior Pastor): Curtis Rhoadarmer   

Personal Testimony

I am one of those Christians whose testimony does not have any controversy in order to spice up the story. I always believed it could use some embellishment; but, I will refrain from it at this point. I grew up in a pretty normal home. My mother has been a believer for most of her life. My father, while not a believer until I was 5 or 6, did grow up in church. I became a believer at a very young age, young enough that I cannot remember a date. This uncertainty was cleared up on July 6th of 1992 when, at Homestead Bible Camp, I rededicated my life to the Lord and gave Him my life for His ministry. 

Call to the Ministry

I went to Trinity Internationl University in the fall of 1996 to major in youth ministry. In 1999 I left Trinity without finishing my degree. In June 2002 I came on as an Area Missionary with American Missionary Fellowship (AMF), running Homestead Bible Camp, and partnered with Eaton Baptist Church of Eaton, CO as their Youth Director.

In June of 2004 I attended New Missionary Orientation at the AMF Home Office in Villanova, PA where I met Rachel Pinkerton who was already a missionary with AMF. A year later, we were married and she joined me in Colorado. We have been married 12 years and work alongside each other in ministry. She is the love of my life. We have two children, Noah and Hannah, and enjoy seeing them grow in the Lord and share Him with others.

I went back to Trinity International University in the fall of 2009, finishing my degree in December of 2013.  I have been at New Hope Baptist Church serving the youth since February of 2016 and was recently called to be the Senior Pastor beginning in September of 2017. I love being in full-time ministry. Being able to be a part of God’s plan to spread the Gospel and to disciple His people is my calling in life.