Thank you for volunteering to help in our children’s ministry at New Hope Baptist Church.  We’re glad you want to become part of
ministry team as we seek to help our children grow to be more like Christ!

Steps to Ministry

We have two levels of workers at New Hope: Certified Workers and Ministry Volunteers.

Certified Workers have been screened and trained in child protection as it applies to their ministry areas.  A Certified Worker must be at least 18 years old and must be a member of New Hope Baptist Church.  It is our goal that every person we have working with children be a certified worker.

Ministry Volunteers are those that have fulfilled the initial screening and child protection training.  These individuals are critical to helping with the ministry.  A Ministry Volunteer must serve with at least one Certified Worker.

Steps to Serve-All Volunteers

Application: Please fill out the attached application right away and return it to the church office.  

Reference and Background Checks: We will conduct a background check and ask your references to fill out the enclosed reference sheets.  (Please only fill out what we ask you to, and return the sheet to us.  We will send it to your references.)

Initial Training: You will receive training materials and will complete the Child Protection Training Session.  Contact your ministry supervisor to be scheduled for a CPTS.

Ministry Volunteers:  Ministry volunteers must provide a written testimony of faith and read, agree with, and sign our doctrinal statement.

Certified Workers:  Certified workers must attend yearly child protection and ministry training sessions to ensure that you are prepared for serving in your area of ministry.

Our church has agreed on certain principles and policies that we all follow when supervising children.  They are easy to remember: some general principles and a list of things we do and don’t do.  The principles and policies help establish a wall of protection around our children’s ministry. 

(For our purposes, “child” is defined as any person under 18 years of age.)

Ten Rules for Increasing Safety

1. Be Alert!  Child molesters and abusers never look like criminals.  Dangerous activities and games never seem dangerous at the time.

2. Report any form of child mistreatment when you see it at our church.  Report this to your ministry supervisor or the pastoral staff immediately.

3. Screen and train all volunteers before allowing them to work with children.

4. Work “two deep” or be visible.  There is to be at least one certified worker when in classrooms with children.  In the rare case that “two deep” is not possible, the door is to be left open at all times (regardless of whether there is a window or not).

5. Children are not to be touched inappropriately.  Never slap, push, spank, or touch them in a private area.  Never use any form of physical discipline when ministering for a church activity.  Touches should be for encouragement and affirmation.  A sideways hug or hand on the child’s shoulder are examples of appropriate touching.  A lingering hug or kiss on the forehead are examples of inappropriate touching.

6. Never take a child alone behind a closed door or allow a situation where there is a barrier to visibility.

7. Do not allow a child in any area of the building without adult supervision.  If you find a lost child, walk the child to the classroom area, find the parents, or contact your ministry supervisor.

8. Never be isolated with a child in the restroom.  The “two deep” principle should be followed here.  As much as possible schedule restroom times as a group.  We must strive to not allow older children to be sent into a restroom that would cause them to be alone with an unscreened adult or teenager.

9. Never release a child to a person you do not know. 

10. Never ride alone in a vehicle with a child of the same sex unless you have obtained the parents’ permission.  Never ride alone in a vehicle with a child of the opposite sex.