Children's ministry is a big part of New Hope Baptist Church.  Below, you will see three of our regular ministries (Sunday School, Junior Church, and Kids 4 Truth) as well as two of our seasonal ministries (UPWARD-Winter, VBS-Summer).

Sunday School
Sunday School meets on Sunday Morning from 9:30-10:15.  The purpose of Sunday School is to point children to the truth of Scripture!  We do this by teaching them the truth of Scripture, giving them a Biblical view of the gospel, and helping them to apply the gospel to their everyday lives.  (Check out Answers Bible Curriculum to find out what our K-5th Grade Teachers are using as their curriculum.)

Junior Church

Junior Church meets during the Sunday Morning worship service.  We desire to point children toward the priority of worship through Junior Church.  In Junior Church, your children will learn about the character of God, they will learn how to find any given passage in Scripture, and they will learn how to make application from any given passage of Scripture.  (Check out Children Desiring God to find out what our Junior Church Teachers are using as their curriculum.)

Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth meets during the school year on Wednesday Nights from 7-8 PM.  Our goal is that Kids 4 Truth will POINT children to the importance of their faith.  Their faith will become important to them as they learn about the key areas of their faith, memorize Scripture, and learn how to defend what they believe.  (Check out the Kids 4 Truth website to learn more about this awesome program!)